The Billerica Scholarship Foundation, was established in 1988.  It is a locally operated and supported, nonprofit tax-exempt scholarship foundation.  


The purpose of the Billerica Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarships for students who reside within the Billerica Town limits regardless of which schools they attended. 


ALL DONATIONS TO THE BILLERICA SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.  Students receiving foundation awards are eligible for a program offering matching grants at hundreds of colleges and universities.





We are now accepting applications for Billerica Scholarship Foundation Members and Associate Members.  Contact any member for more information. 

Not certain?  Join our regularly scheduled meetings, held on the 1st Wed of each month at 7PM at the Billerica Town Hall!      


                                Scholarships are open!


Upcoming Events   



Trivia Night was fun!  February 9th was the date, Cartoons was the Theme! How did your team do?  Visit our Trivia Challenge Page for more information!

The Town/School Calendar for 2017 - 2018!  Calendars are still available at the Town Clerk's Office!.  Calendars are $7 each and make great organizers for anyone in town with dates for all sorts of events around our Yankee Doodle Town!  


Do you have a young adult returning to college after winter break?  Help them spruce up threir dorm room or buy books with a gift of Scrip!           


  Spring Floral Night is on  This years flowery fun at the Billerica Elks is on April 10th and will have you all smiles! We hope you will help us raise funds for 2018 Scholarships!  


       The Billerica Scholarship is celebrating its 30th Anniversary!!  One way you can help us to celebrate is if you have any pictures of your scholarship moment with the Foundation or would like to send us a short .MOV clip (shot horizontally)  please email us at email us at BillericaScholarshipLegacy@gmail.com.  So be looking for more information on how you may be able to help us to celebrate this wonderful achievement with us!!