The Billerica Scholarship Foundation, was established in 1988.  It is a locally operated and supported, nonprofit tax-exempt scholarship foundation.  

The purpose of the Billerica Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarships for students who reside within the Billerica Town limits regardless of which schools they attended. 

ALL DONATIONS TO THE BILLERICA SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.  Students receiving foundation awards are eligible for a program offering matching grants at hundreds of colleges and universities.



We are now accepting applications for Billerica Scholarship Foundation Members and Associate Members.  Contact any member for more information. 

Not certain?  Join our regularly scheduled meetings, held on the 1st Wed of each month at 7PM currently we are meeting VIRTUALLY but will return to the Billerica Town Hall when appropriate.

   Class of 2022 Scholarships are open March 1st to March 21st


Trivia 2020 was Great   You helped us raise over $18,000 for the Class of 2020 Congratulations to the BookBusters!   Our Library  is the BEST

VIRUAL TRIVIA 2021 allowed us to step up without stepping out.  Congratulation to the Gagliardi Family.  Together we raised $5,000 for the Class of 2021.

For 2022, our goal is $10,000 this year so its all about the players. This years theme is BOARD GAMES and as always will contain a mix of theme, general and local questions.  Something for everyone, so join have some fun and help us help the students.   You won't be bored we promise.    

 Visit our Trivia Challenge Page for more information

The Class of 2022 is sponsored by: 

The Brewster Family 


Thank you to our sponsors for assisting with this program!  

(Remember - we are always looking for Class of Sponsors)